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2012 Senate Races – Help Keep the Democratic Majority

While they don’t get as much attention as the Presidential race in the election cycle, there are several extremely competitive Senate races occurring in 2012.  With the Democratic majority in the Senate at risk, it is important that Democrats win as many of these races as possible.

If you want to help our cause, there are few better ways to do so than to contribute to the Democratic candidate in these races.  This is something you can do even if you don’t live in their state!

One important race is in Massachusetts, where Elizabeth Warren is up against Republican Scott Brown. Ms. Warren has been a tireless advocate of consumer protections in the financial marketplace, and deserves our support.

Another worthy recipient of your hard earned money is the campaign of Rep. Tammy Baldwin.  She is in a race against Former Governor Thompson.  With all the ‘excitement’ regarding unions in Wisconsin over the last year or two, I expect this race will be fought to the bitter end.

North Dakota has an interesting race between Democratic nominee Heidi Heitkamp and opponent Rick Berg.  With N.D being a relatively red leaning state, Ms. Heitkamp will need to fight hard for every vote – but is considered to be a real contender.  Contributions to her campaign – where election expenditures are not high – can make a real difference.

And, of course, there is Missouri.  Ever since Todd Akins reprehensible comments about women, the elections chances of Senator Claire McCaskill look a lot brighter.  For some time she was considered by many the underdog, but her opponents’ statements have galvanized voters.

I strongly encourage any of you looking to help preserve the Democratic majority in the US Senate to consider a small donation to one or more of these worthy candidates.  A steady trickle of people contributing $10 dollars to a campaign can add up fast!  Donate using the links below:

Warren in Massachusetts

Baldwin in Wisconsin

Heitkamp in North Dakota

McCaskill in Missouri

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